BLAtrioshka  project – 2009

In this installation conceived for the Venice Biennal in 2010, I alluded to the  intergenerational dialogue which the concept of communication has throughout the history of mankind  in a critical way. The project designed to be made in fibreglass, is a playful proposal within the space. The viewer can interact with the work in getting inside the dolls, the largest of which is on a human scale. The key word is repeated piece within piece and so is infinite. The concept of  Blah is the thread of my artistic research.  About  blah blah blah …BLAH (BLA) TREATS THE QUESTION OF TRUTH. Bla refers to the (in)-communication and the (im)-possibilities of dialogue between beings of our species. The (im)-chances for dialogue between human beings are the centre of my research and my work. I see the impossibility of communication and frustration of a society gangrened by the system and a way to define where the material status, ideology and thought reside. As an artist, I raise a mockery of the Modern Oratory, not only political but also popular, and denounce at the same time hypocrisy and the weakness of a system that prefers the appearance of certain discourses as opposed to  sincerity based on ethics.


prototype: 15 pieces – 32 cm height – painted turned wood 

draws: oil on canvas

RENDER 3D- J.Balmaseda