BLAwling, the animated book – 2012

Animated ceramic Sculpture

White refractory clay with slips fired to 1150, beech and hinges
Size: height 19,5cms x width 8,5cms
Closed book:9cms//Open Book:77cms and/or variable


 technical support: A. RONDEAU
One off piece 
blawling segell fusta copia
Galerie Jardin Cosmique, Andorra
Commissioner: Rosa MUJAL CLOSA


The concept of  Blah (BLA) is the thread of my artistic research.  About  blah blah blah …BLAH (BLA) TREATS THE QUESTION OF TRUTH. Bla refers to the (in)-communication and the (im)-possibilities of dialogue between beings of our species. The (im)-chances for dialogue between human beings are the centre of my research and my work. I see the impossibility of communication and frustration of a society gangrened by the system and a way to define where the material status, ideology and thought reside. As an artist, I raise a mockery of the Modern Oratory, not only political but also popular, and denounce at the same time hypocrisy and the weakness of a system that prefers the appearance of certain discourses as opposed to  sincerity based on ethics.