embroidered pig´s skin

colour photography

100 CM X 140 CM




How do we perceive the limitations of our own body?  In an intimate way or by the sensory perception of the world -inside /outside- or by comings and goings movements between each other? 

How this world -the other / others- interfere in the knowledge of own body, and how it can feed, disrupt, or change our own notion of our own limits during  the exchange?

Are these limits physical? Perceptual? Structural?or spiritual? These limits depend on the body, and can be understood as a symbolic relation, as a closed or open space, intimate or external to us, but also confronted with other limits (or to other limitations)

How do we refer to ourselves? Which is the nature and the capacity of these spaces ? And what about  the viewer, the other?

This work treats the question of identity, not only in a physical injury but also in a moral injury, and at the same time deals with the manipulation on the viewer in order to make him enter into this labeled body, in this new skin, to make him  feel committed to that moral injury.